Class of 2019

Hello, successful friend. Indonesia is a large country with an area of 1,950 million km2, with the fourth largest population of the world with all its abundant beauty and natural resources. hereby present this Darma Ganesha Polytechnic on the island of Belitung. Belitung Island which is currently the priority of the central government for tourism development and making Belitung Island become the 10th new Bali. So Darma Ganesha Polytechnic is here to create human resources that are ready to compete and be competent, so that the government’s target to make Belitung 10 Bali can only be achieved quickly. Even though we are on a small island, we have a big impact on Belitung and Indonesia. So don’t hesitate to step with us friends. Just register and feel the impact with us. Send regards for success……

poltekdg raih kepercayaan pemerintah pusat.

march 26

11:04 am

Tanjungpandan Belitung 2018

poltekdg terdaftar di kopertis wilayah ii

September 20


Tanjungpandan Belitung 2017

nama - nama penerima beasiswa
poltek dg

Mei 28

21.05 pm

Tanjungpanda Belitung 2016

poltekdg gandeng ugm

Februari 21

Tanjungpandan Belitung 2016

belitung pilot project kesiapan sdm pariwisata

Februari 6

12.06 Am

Tanjungpanda Belitung 2018

poltekdg gelar lomba

April 3

Tanjungpandan Belitung 2015

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